Powerful Message!

Magic and Morality is a public school oriented program that operates in conjunction with local churches to not only attract and entertain teens, but to also provide a forum for them to find answers to the questions that so many are asking. Illusionist David Corn is also a youth speaker and a youth Evangelist. He works with schools (primarily public schools) to address issues such as bullying, motivation, hard work, alcohol and drug use and abuse, and the ever present problems of peer pressure. His talks in schools are not religious. He understands the separation of church and state. He also works with churches in order to provide a way to present answers to the deeper and more sensitive issues of spirituality. Is there a God? Does He care about us? Can we know Him? What is a church, and do we need one? Why do we die? What happens after we die? These and other questions are answered in local church youth rallies and have been well received by thousands of teens and children across the country. We hope you will attend one of our Magic and Morality Youth Rallies. You will find Amazing Illusions! You will also find a Powerful Message!

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